Top Eight Activities at Ohio Parks

There are plenty of wonderful and exciting activities at Ohio parks to do when visiting. Local parks, state parks, and the one national park in Ohio have a variety of things that park goers can take part in. If there is something you enjoy doing outside, more than likely there is at least one Ohio park that will have the activity.



One of the most common activities at Ohio parks is hiking. There are many people who visit Ohio parks to hike on the available trails. Hundreds of miles of trails throughout the dozens of parks in Ohio make hiking a great way to get closer to nature. Many trails take hikers through and along scenic routes of prairies, woods, and waterways. Hiking is definitely a favorite pastime at Ohio parks.



Many Ohio parks have natural water features that can be used by visitors for a variety of reasons. One of the main water activities at parks in Ohio is fishing. The Buckeye State is home to dozens of species of fish. Some of the more common ones to fish are bluegill, catfish, perch, bass, walleye, and trout. Any public place that is used to fish requires participants to have a fishing license, including parks.



Another of the common water activities at Ohio parks is boating. State parks that encompass lakes will many times allow boating to take place. Fishing, water skiing, and tubing are all ideas for those wishing to take a boat to an Ohio park with them. It is important to check on rules and regulations for any park that you wish to take your boat to. Different parks have different rules on what is allowable and what is not.


Zip lining

Zip lining is available in several parks around the Buckeye State. This can be a very enjoyable activity and a great way to experience the hills and valleys of Ohio. Hocking Hills is one of the more famous places for zip lining in Ohio. Obviously, care should be taken, and follow all the rules and regulations for enjoying this activity safely.



Many of Ohio’s state parks and national park have campgrounds available for those that wish to stay overnight. Whether camping with a tent or an RV, most of these parks have camping sites available. It is always a good idea to make a reservation before showing up to the park. However, most parks will have sites available for “walk-in” campers. This is one of the most used activities at Ohio parks.



          State Park Camping Reservations

          Cuyahoga Valley National Park Camping Reservations



A newer hobby that has taken off in many places, including Ohio parks, is geocaching. This is a sort of scavenger hunt that uses the global positioning system (GPS). Caches (typically a box) are hidden, and GPS coordinates are made available to those who wish to search for the caches. When found, typically there is a log book for a person to sign with when they found the cache and where they are from, and there are many times an exchange program involving small trinkets. Care should be taken to avoid trespassing on private property while geocaching, but many public places, including Ohio parks, are open to geocaching hunting.


Cross Country Skiing

Park activities do not always have to be warm weather-friendly. Ohio is home to several places that offer cross country skiing in the winter months. Most of these areas are hiking trails during the warmer months, but are transitioned when the weather turns cold.


Wildlife Watching

Another wonderful hobby of park enthusiasts is that of wildlife watching. Many parks in Ohio are secluded areas that are welcoming to wildlife of many kinds. Birds, deer, and many types of small creatures can be found often in Ohio parks.


There are plenty of activities at Ohio parks for people to participate. Parks can be great places to just simply get away for a day or two. Sometimes this is just the rest and relaxation that a person needs.

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