Hocking Hills Zip Line

The hilly region of southeast Ohio allows visitors to take part in Hocking Hills zip line activities at the famous state park. Zip lining has become popular entertainment in recent years for thrill seekers and those wishing to see nature from a different perspective.


Zip Lining Hocking Hills

As with any thrill-seeking activity, it is important to be safe when you are zip lining Hocking Hills. It is important to first of all make sure that any company you deal with is professional and has a history of safe entertainment for visitors. Do not trust those who have backyard-style zip lines that can be dangerous. Before purchasing your zip lining tickets, be sure to ask about insurance and the safety record of the company you are thinking about doing business with.

In addition, use common sense. If you are weary of any portion of a Hocking Hills zip line course, you should avoid it. Be careful as you are making your way on the course, including on the towers and in between zip lines. A few simple considerations can make your zip lining experience much safer and much better.



Hocking Hills zip line prices will vary greatly depending on which company is chosen to work with and what package is decided upon. There are several options available for patrons depending on what is wanted in a zip lining experience.


          Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

One popular tour company is Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. Their two and a half to three hour long tour runs $89 per person. There is a “supersize” tour available that includes the regular canopy tour plus extras for $109. There are discounts available for seniors, children, youth groups, and military personnel.


          Soaring Cliffs

Soaring Cliffs is another Hocking Hills zip line tour company. The Soaring Cliffs company offers a zip line tour of ten separate lines. The tour length is approximately two to two and a half hours long. Pricing for groups sizes 1-7 is $80 a ticket. For larger groups, the pricing is $75 each. There are discounts available for very large groups, so call them at 800-442-2246 for a price if you have a big group going.


          Valley Zipline Tours

Valley Zipline Tours is a fairly new zip line tour company (established in 2012) that has several options available for patrons depending upon what they want in a zip line tour. The “Main Course” at Valley Zipline includes eleven zip lines and lasts approximately two hours. They also offer a shorter, “Tree Top Zip Tour” that lasts approximately one hour and costs $80. Lastly, Valley Zipline offers a “Mini Zip” for $20 for children ages 10 and under.


           R Adventure Park

Another place in the Hocking Hills region that offers zip lining-like experience is R Adventure Park. This is actually a zip rail, and only lasts for a minute to a minute and a half. You are strapped into a bucket seat, and you get to tour a roughly 2,000 foot section of Hocking Hills. Each ride costs $20, or you can ride twice for $35.



There are several options available for nature enthusiasts or thrill seekers who wish to check off “go zip lining at Hocking Hills” from their to-do list. Zip lining has become much more popular in recent years, especially in areas like southeast Ohio. Hocking Hills zip lining is a great getaway for the whole family, so pick a zip line and have some fun!

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