Great Seal State Park

great seal state park

Great Seal State Park in southeast Ohio offers much for nature lovers. In addition, the park welcomes visitors with a bit of history. The park gets its name from being the location for where the Great Seal of Ohio was first envisioned. Thomas Worthington, “the father of Ohio statehood,” built his estate nearby the present park. He, Edward Tiffin, and William Creighton met to discuss the future of Ohio, and awoke one morning to the sun rising over Mt. Logan. This picture became the basis for the Great Seal.

Great Seal State Park offers much in terms of land and water activities for visitors to the Chillocothe area. Be sure to check out the history and the nature of this state park!

great seal

Land Activities

Great Seal is most known for for its bridle trails and biking trails. Roughly twenty miles of trails entertain guests through the rolling hills of the park. Be prepared, because the trails can be treacherous.

In addition, there are 15 campsites available to those who wish to spend the night at Great Seal. These are walk-up sites. Some of the sites include horse lines for those making use of the bridle trails.

mount logan

Water Activities

Great Seal State Park does not have much in the way of water, outside of several creek beds that occasionally fill with heavy rain. If you are looking for a state park with water activities, you would have a better bet at nearby parks, such as Tar Hollow, Pike Lake, or Lake White.

Great Seal State Park

Great Seal State Park offers much in land activities and history. It is quite something to see Mt. Logan and where the Great Seal was first envisioned. Have you gotten a chance to visit Great Seal? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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