Ohio State Parks Camping

There are many people in Ohio or who visit Ohio interested in state Ohio parks and camping. Ohio state parks camping can be an incredible enjoyable experience for you, your significant other, or your entire family depending on how many you are planning for. Most state parks have the availability of tent campsites, RV hookups, and camper sites. Camping is a great way to make a new memory or a new set of memories with those you love!


Tent Camping

Ohio state parks camping has the potential to be the getaway that is needed by you. What better way to do it than getting your hands dirty by tent camping? Tents have become more practical for families in recent years, and air mattresses and cots have made tent camping much more comfortable. Those worried about sleeping on the ground can rest easy that there are ways to make it more comfortable. Tent camping is considerably less expensive than using a camper, and it tends to be easier to pack a tent than to drive a camper or hook one to another vehicle. Whatever the reasoning, tents are a great option for Ohio state parks camping!


RV and Campers

Recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers are used often by people when camping. They provide many modern amenities for those who still wish to have them while spending time outside. Most state parks have water and electric hookups available for campers using these vehicles. These camping vehicles are nice because they are able to be driven (some do not even need a truck or SUV to hook up to) and it provides a kitchen, sleeping areas, and a restroom for use. These are expensive to buy, and cost money in terms of extra fees for the water and electric hookups at camps, but they do add nice features that can make camping seem more “homey.” Many campers in this day and age use RVs to help make their camping experience enjoyable.


Camping Activities

When camping in Ohio state parks, it is a good idea to have activities to do. There are plenty of things to do when enjoying the nature of Ohio. Hiking, biking, and water activities are some of the most-enjoyed activities at Ohio state parks. Most state parks have hiking and biking trails available, as well as any materials you might need to complete the activities. Zip lining is also available at several Ohio state parks. Water activities while Ohio state parks camping include boating, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Make sure to enjoy the time in the great outdoors!



Camping is a wonderful pastime, especially for families. There are plenty of places in Ohio to take part, and Ohio state parks camping can be a memorable experience. Whether you are using a tent, a RV, or a camper, doing something that slows your life down a little bit for a time can give some needed rest. Pick one of Ohio’s parks and go camping today!

Have you camped recently at an Ohio state park? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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