Maumee Bay State Park

Maumee Bay State Park in northwest Ohio is well known for providing an inviting experience on the shores of Lake Erie. Best known activities involve water, especially swimming, boating, and fishing. However, plenty of land opportunities await park visitors as well. Finding a way to visit Maumee Bay will provide you and yours an excellent outdoor experience!

Water Activities

Most noteworthy at Maumee Bay State Park, water activities in Lake Erie attract those passing through the area. Swimming and boating are obviously entertaining activities. The inland lake is ideal for smaller watercraft, including canoes. In addition, Lake Erie makes up the northern border of Maumee Bay, providing plenty of additional water activities.


Couples, families, and even individuals can enjoy picnicking at Maumee Bay State Park. Lunches at a state park give chances for families to spend quality time together. Eating and spending time together in the great outdoors brings families together. Rather than going to a restaurant or bringing take out home, consider packing a dinner or bringing the take out to a park.

Hiking Trails

Several hiking trails invite those who wish to take strolls through nature. An Interpretive Boardwalk provides park visitors an opportunity for an easy, two-mile hike. Since swamp land and marshes are there, it makes for an enjoyable walk. Moreover, the boardwalk is handicap accessible.

In addition, there is the Inland Lake trail, the Mouse Trail, and a multi-use trail. The multi-use trail allows people to hike, trail run, ride horseback, or cross-country ski. In addition, bicyclists are welcome on this trail, provided that proper rules are followed.


Maumee Bay State Park gives what most consider to be the typical state park: trails, water access, beach access, and woods. This park provides a wonderful addition to Ohio’s state parks. Have you ever visited Maumee Bay? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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