Hiking in Ohio State Parks

Reasons abound for why hiking in Ohio state parks is a great idea. Thousands of people visit Ohio parks each year to do just that. Health benefits, social time, and the chance to see the great outdoors are just a few of the reasons. Ohio state parks hiking simply is a good way to spend your time. No matter what part of Ohio you live in or are visiting, there will be a great hiking trail near you!

Ohio State Parks Hiking

Many great hiking trails are located in the Buckeye State. They range in difficulty from easy to difficult. It is best to do some research prior to going out for a hike. Knowing the difficulty of the trail you plan to do and if the weather has modified the trail at all is important. Plenty of great hiking trails are present in Ohio’s parks: Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, and Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park; trails at John Bryan State Park; and, of course, the Buckeye Trail that travels across the entire state. These trails for Ohio state parks hiking are some of the best, but they are definitely not the only. To get more information about hiking trails in a a particular state park, visit the post about that park here on OH Parks!

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Health Benefits to Hiking in Ohio State Parks

Many people take part in hiking when they go to a park. The health benefits to hiking cannot be understated. Getting the cardio workout from walking and, at times, climbing benefits heart health. The fresh air of being outside in a state park is beneficial as well. In addition, a person’s strength grows in their legs and core as they participate in hiking. Blood pressure and overall stress lessen while taking part in hiking and other activities at Ohio’s state parks.

Social Activities in Ohio State Parks Hiking

Ohio state parks have plenty to see and do. Hiking is a large activity at Ohio state parks, but it is definitely not the only one. Boating, swimming, hunting, golf, camping, and games add even more reasons to visit the parks of Ohio. These activities all all best done with someone. Getting outside and spending time in Ohio’s parks with a friend or significant other is a great way to spend quality time.

Ohio State Parks Hiking and the Great Outdoors

Simply getting out in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend your time. Too often, work and other activities keep us from enjoying God’s masterpiece. For those that love wildlife, Ohio has many species of animals, plants, and trees that can be viewed in their natural habitats.

Hiking is easily one of the best activities to take part of at Ohio state parks. Plenty of people visit Ohio parks precisely for hiking. The health benefits, social benefits, and fresh air benefits make hiking a great hobby or activity. To plan your hiking trip, visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resources site here. Then, once you have done your hike, tell us about it in the comments below. Happy hiking!

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