Charming Parks in Ohio with Waterfalls

Ohio is not as well known with waterfalls as it probably should be. There are plenty of charming parks in Ohio with waterfalls. Since the state has changes in elevation in places, it allows many rivers and streams to drop off a waterfall. Sometimes locating these parks and waterfalls can be a challenge. However, each of these parks in Ohio with waterfalls is worth visiting.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Brandywine Falls)

The one and only national park in Ohio, Cuyahoga Valley, has its own waterfall in the form of Brandywine Falls. Perhaps the most popular attraction at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Brandywine Falls drops 65 feet. The Brandywine Gorge Trail allows visitors to explore the falls. In addition, a nearby bed and breakfast gives people a chance to refresh themselves.

Hocking Hills State Park (Cedar Falls, Lower Falls, and Upper Falls)

Hocking Hills is arguably the best place in Ohio to see waterfalls. Cedar Falls and the waterfalls in the area of Old Man’s Cave are some of the most-visited. However, there are many places at Hocking Hills State Park where waterfalls can be found, especially in a rainy season.

parks in ohio with waterfalls

Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

Mill Creek Park (Lanterman’s Falls)

Youngstown has a waterfall in Mill Creek Park. Lanterman’s Falls drops roughly fifteen feet. Interestingly, Lanterman’s Falls can still power Lanterman’s Mill, adjacent to the Falls. Moreover, the mill continues to grind grain. Tours of the mill and grain are for purchase if interested. Surrounding the falls, the gorge in Youngstown adds to the charm and beauty.

Charleston Falls Nature Preserve, Miami County Park District (Charleston Falls)

Charleston Falls in Miami County is a picturesque small waterfall in a two hundred acre preserve. The Falls itself is 37 feet, and there are multiple viewpoints of the water. In addition, many times Charleston Falls will freeze in cold weather. This creates a wonderful wintertime scenery.

Since Charleston Falls Preserve covers over two hundred acres, there is much more to do than just viewing the waterfall. Multiple hiking trails take visitors through prairies, forests, and passed a pond.

Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve (Clifton Gorge)

The Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve meets up with John Bryan State Park. Within the nature preserve, the Little Miami River drops down forty feet into a rocky gorge. The nature preserve and the state park are well-visited spots in southwest Ohio. Another well-known spot nearby that people enjoy visiting is the Clifton Mill. Clifton Mill has its own waterfall (man-made). The mill is especially fun to visit around Christmastime.


Plenty of opportunities for visiting waterfalls are in Ohio. Local parks, metro parks, state parks, and Ohio’s one national park contain waterfalls. Why not plan a trip to the charming parks in Ohio with waterfalls?

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