Sycamore State Park

Sycamore State Park in southwestern Ohio provides visitors with over 2,300 acres of expansive land. Marshes, ponds, and trails make for a nice addition to Ohio’s state parks.

Sycamore State Park

Sycamore State Park Activities

Typical state park activities greet visitors to Sycamore. Hiking, fishing, boating, and picnicking make up the bulk of activities. An archery range is open to the public along Diamond Mill Road. Its distances range from 10 yards to 50 yards. Hunting is allowed on roughly 1,500 acres of land in Sycamore State Park as well. A valid hunting license is needed.

Sycamore State Park



Pleasant ponds greet visitors to the western part of Sycamore State Park. The Big Pond and Small Pond provide opportunities for fishing. The Small Pond is designated for young people (those under 15), but a parent should be with them. Anyone wishing to fish is able to use the Big Pond. Make sure to have a valid Ohio fishing license before visiting.

Sycamore State Park



Four hiking trails throughout Sycamore State park total about seven miles of distance. The Ghost Hedge Trail, Beech Ridge Trail, Meadowlark Trail, and Heron Run Trail are all easy to moderate trails. Finally, their distances range from just over one mile to nearly three miles.

Sycamore State Park


Sycamore’s bridle trail totals about 18 miles for those with horses. The trail spans the outside of much of the park, but it also crosses some of the hiking trails.


The western part of the park includes a six-mile long snowmobile trail. Obviously, time of year and weather conditions dictate the use of this. During warmer months, the snowmobile trail provides additional horseback riding trails.


Reunions and Outings

In addition to hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, families will find the covered shelter beneficial to reunions. Groups of up to seventy-five people can use the shelter for an outing. Moreover, small work groups could use this area for team-building. The shelter sits very nearby one of the hiking trails and the ponds. A nearby small playground completes the area and is helpful to those with young children.


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Ben’s Visits: June 2017

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2 Responses

  1. Sherry H says:

    Stumbled upon Sycamore State Park 3/2021. Even though I have lived in the Dayton area all my life, I never knew this park existed! VERY pleasantly surprised! Took a short trail past a pond and through the woods. The park has some picnic tables, playground, and decent restrooms. Will DEFINITELY be going back!!!

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Sherry! I was surprised with Sycamore myself. The area with multiple ponds and the playground is especially nice. I did not go for a ride, but the horse trails also looked enjoyable. Great spot for people to visit in southwest Ohio!

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