Splash Parks in Ohio

The heat and humidity of the summer months in Ohio always leads to people looking for a cool getaway. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to look for splash parks in Ohio. Parents love taking their children to splash parks. Many times they are free to users, easy to get to, and a whole lot of fun for the family. Splash parks make a great addition to the parks of Ohio!

Splash Parks in Ohio

Many communities in Ohio have a splash park available for citizens. These are typically open dawn to dusk and provided by taxpayer money for parks. Water features and activities invite children especially to cool off. Each splash park or splash pad has its own features, but most involve water cannons, bucket dumps, and/or water showers. These parks make for a great way to enjoy the heat and sun of summer!

Advantages to Splash Parks

As mentioned, patrons at a splash park do not have to pay an entrance fee. Those who live in the particular community are probably paying taxes to provide the splash park. In addition, it is typically easier to watch your children at a splash pad than at a pool. There is a less chance of water accidents, such as drowning.

Perhaps most important, splash parks are just fun for the family. Kids enjoy getting wet, and many of the features of splash pads are just enjoyable to watch. Pick an Ohio splash pad or splash park and use it to cool off on a hot day!

Ohio Splash Pads and Splash Parks

Most cities in Ohio have their own splash pad or splash park. Several that my family have visited include Centennial Park in Englewood, Snyder Park in Springfield, and Village Green Park in Powell. All of these are great places to visit. Whenever there are good, inexpensive ways to entertain a family, you know it will be a hit! Have you gone to any of these or any other splash parks in Ohio? Tell me about your trip in the comments below.

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