Punderson State Park

Punderson State Park is located in northeast Ohio, a little less than an hour’s drive away from Cleveland. It covers 741 acres, which includes a 150-acre lake that is used for several of the available recreational activities. Punderson Lake is one of the few natural lakes in northeast Ohio, having developed when the last of the glaciers moved out of what would become Ohio. Many types of flora and fauna can be viewed in Punderson.


Water Activities

Punderson Lake, taking up roughly one-fifth of Punderson State Park, offers many opportunities for tourists and visitors to the area. Boating, fishing, and swimming are options for those looking to include the lake in their outdoor activities. Be mindful of licenses that are required and any laws that should be followed when looking to participate. One point to mention with swimming: pets are not allowed on the beach, so be sure to leave them at home.


Land Activities

Many land activities are available at Punderson. Among them are hiking trails, picnicking, golf, and bicycling. There are seven (7) hiking trails within the bounds of Punderson, ranging from one-half mile to a little over two miles in length.

In addition to traditional park activities like the one mentioned above, there are some others worth mentioning. There is a disc golf course that was built by the Friends of Punderson State Park. It is free to use. This makes for a great way to learn about the activity without having to spend money. Basketball courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts are available in a couple places at the park as well.


Winter Activities

There are several activities available at Punderson State Park that are specific to winter. Cross-county skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling are popular in this area of Ohio. These make Punderson a destination for outdoor enthusiasts even during the colder months of the year.


Park Lodge and Conference Center

Punderson State Park is one of only nine state parks in Ohio that has a lodge/conference center. Punderson Manor is known for its lodge Tudor-style architecture, including within guest rooms of the original part of the manor. Furniture in this area of the lodge was chosen to complement the architecture. This all makes for a picturesque setting with Punderson Lake immediately adjacent to the lodge.

The conference center piece of Punderson Manor is a superb location for weddings, work retreats, family reunions, and spiritual retreats. Many options are available for those wishing to make Punderson State Park a part of their get-together. Punderson Manor can also recommend other contractors to meet needs (florists, photographers, etc.) in the area if a group is coming from a long distance.

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