Ohio State Park Reservations

A good plan for a camping vacation in the Buckeye State is to have Ohio state park reservations for whatever park being visited. There are dozens of parks in Ohio to visit and enjoy outdoor activities. Many places still accept walk in campers and visitors. However, having a reservation is the best idea. That way, there is no reason for a room or campsite to not be available.


Ohio State Parks

Ohio is home to over seventy (70) state parks, most of which have camping and/or lodging available for visitors. Some of the more popular parks for visiting and camping include Hocking Hills, Hueston Woods, and Indian Lake. A wonderful asset at Ohio’s state parks is that it is one of the few states that does not charge an entrance fee. Getting in, hiking, boating, and fishing are free of charge for visitors. However, if you plan to spend the night, camping or lodging fees will apply, and it is a good idea to make a reservation. More than likely, residents of Ohio are within a short drive of a state park. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is the go-to guide for information about state parks and reservations.


Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR)

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) oversees the state parks, forests, and wildlife in Ohio. They have a system available for Ohio state park reservations to be made for those interested in tent camping, RV camping, and day use reservations. Their reservation website is available here. As mentioned, many of the outdoor activities available at state parks, including entering the park, are free. If the plans are to stay overnight, however, fees will apply, and some more intense activities will also have charges. Make sure to check on these fees when budgeting the visit to the parks.

There are plenty of resources available on the ODNR website, including information for recreational activities, like fishing, hiking, and wildlife watching. Activities such as these are great to keep in mind when making Ohio state park reservations and deciding where to stay. If a particular activity is wanted or needed on the trip, make sure the chosen park has it available.


KOA Camping

Ohio state park reservations are not always what people are looking for in a camping trip. Ohio also has fifteen KOA Campgrounds (or KOA Kampgrounds as they are sometimes spelled) available for patrons. KOA’s make camping easier on people, because there are many amenities available for campers. Large bathrooms, showers, basketball courts, swimming pools, and meeting halls are typically available at Ohio KOA campgrounds. Many people enjoy these campgrounds due to the feeling of “camping, but with modern amenities.” These amenities can make the camping trip more enjoyable for campers who are not so used to spending the night outdoors.



Ohio state park reservations are always a good idea when planning a trip. Planning ahead is the best bet, and making a reservation after deciding on a park to explore is a good step. There are many wonderful state parks to visit in the Buckeye State. Talk to your family and make a reservation today!


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